May 15, 2006

Schubert Impromptus, D. 935 Sonata in B-Flat, D.960

Inon Barnatan, Piano Bridge 9197

“The 27-year-old Israeli pianist possesses an innate ability to navigate Schubert’s sometimes-discursive paragraphs and also knows how to acknowledge the composer’s harmonic tangents and obsessive rhythmic gestures without a trace of mannerism or self-consciousness.” -

“Barnatan plays with great verve and powerful conviction, never at a loss for the poetry which suffuses every bar.” - Audiophile Audition

“His Impromptus has a special gravity and sensitivity, allowing him to weave his way through every kaleidoscopic mood with a special skill and commitment. What winning ease and naturalness, too, in the A flat Impromptu and how admirable to hear the theme played with such poise and focus instead of a more familiar and damaging telescoping of the rhythm.” - Gramophone